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Villeroy and Boch Hot Tub - others available depending on site/client requirements

Portable Spas/Hot Tubs

We can install many different manufactured portable spas or hot tubs, which can be specified to suit your requirements. From hydromassage stations, interchangeable waterjets, luxurious lighting to sculptured seating, our team can advise on the most suitable spa for your installation.

When choosing a new hot tub, we always recommend selecting a well-known brand which has been in the industry for a long time; as you will need various replacement parts in the future (such as pump water seals, replacement lights, headrests and covers) and we have found in the past some tubs (i.e. imported or Ebay purchased) cannot source the replacement spares making the tub unusable. 

All UK Hot Tubs must be CE approved, which ensures that the electrical components meet strict safety requirements.  We have seen some none CE units in the UK, and these can be extremely dangerous as mixing unregulated electrics with water is very dangerous.

We can highly recommend and quote on the installation of various hot tubs we feel are high-quality, well constructed and well engineered pumps/filters underneath the cabinet.

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