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What is SPATA?

Rockingham are Proud Members of The Swimming Pool And Allied Trade Association, with our director, Jon, currently SPATA National Council Chair

If you are considering building a pool or purchasing a home with a pool – it is so important to ensure you have the right pool contractor on board with you.

For Example, over the years we have seen...

Over the past 40 years, we have regularly seen “pools from hell” which have been carried out by others, who either were builders who felt they could install a pool themselves, or contractors describing themselves as pool specialists who proved certainly not to be.

For example, we have seen...

  • Poorly Built Pool Structures i.e.

    • Tanks not holding water.

    • Poorly fitted flow fittings.

    • Poorly or not adequately insulated.

    • Suction entrapment hazards (i.e. single main drain).

  • Inadequate Filtration Systems i.e.

    • Undersized filters/pumps for pool turnover requirements.

    • Incorrect/unbalanced flow from the bottom and the top of the pool.

  • Inadequate Pool Tank Water Flow with “water dead spots” i.e.

    • Single skimmer and single inlet only in one area of the pool.

    • Areas of the pool feel colder than the rest.

    • Algae/Dirt spots which can only be removed manually via brushing/vacuuming.

    • Calcium build up in dead spots which cannot be removed.

    • Dead spot areas are not properly sanitised so harmful bacteria can fester – with failed bacteriological tests.

    • Large amounts of pool chemicals required to keep pool water clear.

  • Poor Pool Hall Air Handling & Dehumidification i.e.

    • Uncomfortable environment to swim or spectate.

    • Incorrect climate control.

    • Condensation issues.

    • Loud Air Movement due to incorrectly sized/positioned ducting.

  • Poor Safety Measures i.e.

    • Incorrect diving end which does not meet “cage of safety”.

    • Slides incorrectly installed with potential for bather injury.

    • Incorrect in pool steps.

    • Pool step ladders without top safety tread.

    • Incorrect slope from deep to shallow end (too steep).

  • No Active Energy Saving Equipment i.e.

    • Economy Air Control Units with high running costs.

    • No consideration for pool cover which dramatically reduces evaporation and running costs.

    • Single phase equipment installed when three phase was available (which reduces running costs).

  • No thought for Future Maintenance i.e.

    • Needing to drain the pool water level below light fitting to change the lamp (i.e no umbilical light cord to take light unit above water level to change).

    • Cheap plant equipment with limited/no availability for spare parts.

    • Needing to roll out back wash hose to a drain point every time you need to backwash (instead of having this permanently plumbed).

    • No isolation valves for pump/plant swap outs, so the pool has to be drained to install replacement plant equipment.

    • No consideration for pool use during hosepipe bans.

    • No consideration of pool voids or access undercrofts.

  • Unsafe Electrics (which is extremely dangerous with water).

It was not just ourselves seeing these “pools from hell”, so the UK Pool Industry founded SPATA many years ago, in which all of its members work to their strict SPATA standards – think GAS Safe for the pool trade!  As members, we are regularly inspected and checked by the SPATA experts, and we attend SPATA conferences, PIP meetings and AGMs to remain up to date with them on the industry and pool standards. 

Each SPATA member is obligated to provide customers with first class service and to design and install pools to high standards of construction, filtration, technical design and environmental controls – so much so that the SPATA is a member of The British Swimming Pool Federation (BSPF) and The European Union of Swimming Pool and Spa Associations (EUSA).

There are less than 150 SPATA Pool Installers in the UK who all install to these high standards, and we are very proud to be one of them!

We are committed to not only working to SPATA standards but we also consider the design, the safety and the construction, including special features, as if the pool is being built for ourselves, and we would never compromise on quality to win a project (even though we do loose out on projects to property developers sometimes - who care more about cheap install costs and not so much the running costs and maintenance thereafter).

We are confident that our completed projects not only satisfy, but they surpass our client’s expectations, and with every build we undertake, we consider what each individual client wants of utmost importance, making every pool build design is different to make the pool of their dreams. 


SPATA Awards.jpg
Spata Awards.jpg
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We are proud to announce that our esteemed director, Jon Herbert, currently holds the prestigious position of Chair of SPATA (Swimming Pool and Allied Trades Association). His expertise in the pool industry have been instrumental in shaping the organisation’s vision and promoting excellence in pool construction, maintenance, and safety standards.

As the elected chair, Jon Herbert actively collaborates with industry professionals, advocates for best practices, and ensures that SPATA continues to serve as a valuable resource for pool owners, suppliers, and professionals alike.  His commitment to advancing the pool industry is unwavering, and he strives to enhance pools for everyone.

In addition to his role as Chair of SPATA, Jon takes center stage each year during the annual pool awards ceremony. With enthusiasm and pride, Jon announces and presents the coveted awards to the deserving pool winners. From innovative designs to exceptional craftsmanship, these awards celebrate excellence in the pool industry.

SPATA Gold Award Winner Badge
Spata Cert 2324
2021 Gold Sustainability Award
2021 Bronze Indoor Pools over 175
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SPATA Gold Award
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