Rehabilitation & Hydrotherapy Pools

Rehabilitation & Hydrotherapy

Water healing is one of the oldest, safest and cheapest methods of treatment.  Hydrotherapy works by the water motion stimulating the touch receptors on the skin, relieving tight muscles and releasing chemicals that we produce in our body called endorphins.  This also boosts circulation and promotes general wellbeing.

Relaxing in a hydrotherapy spa or pool allows the user to experience a sensation of weightlessness due to the buoyancy effects of the water supporting the body weight, the hot water relieves fatigue and prevents stiffness and the pressure of the water from the water jets literally massages the body.

A specialised hydrotherapy pool is now an essential exercise aid for training and recovering athletes, disabled and those with learning difficulties; and it is also used for rehabilitation for convalescent or paraplegic people.  Hydrotherapy pools for medical treatment all require water treatment services, highly effective circulation and an above average water temperature, from 30 to 37ºC.

Our team can assist in the design and construction for hydropool projects, as careful thought must be given to the approach, access, surface areas and depths suitable for its users.

Hydroworx Sports and Rehabilitation Pools

The Ultimate Aquatic Therapy

Hydroworx Underwater Treadmill Pools

US based company Hydroworx have taken the professional sporting and rehabilitation industry by storm with their high-tech therapy pools featuring underwater treadmills, hydrotherapy counter currents, jets and monitoring cameras to assist in high performance athletic training and recovery.

The systems have become extremely popular with the UK and are highly recommended by Professional Football Clubs, athletes, trainers and physiotherapists.

Our engineering team are the recommended UK Installers for Hydroworx, carrying out the installation of these systems within the UK.