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Variable Speed Pump Running Cost Savings Example

We highly recommend the Variable Speed pumps as they save majorly on running costs for swimming pools. Variable Speed pumps allow us to slow down the water flow as much as possible to ensure we get the perfect flow to correspond with the correct pressure that your existing filter needs.

By slowing down Variable Speed pump down as much as possible, we can save greatly on running costs. For example…

- By slowing a pump down by just 10%, we will save 27% on the electric running costs;

- By slowing a pump down by 20%, we would save 49.8% on the electric running costs.

- And we can often drop the speeds by more than this for domestic indoor pools saving even more on the electric running costs.

These are amazing savings; especially for how long the pumps are continuously run for (min 12hrs, some are on 24hrs a day). The initial outlay on the cost of installation would easily be returned in running cost savings within a year on the electrics (if running 24hrs a day) – and after the payback period you would be saving these sorts of running costs year on year.

We have done some calculations on this recent pump install for you...

The old pump @ 1.3kW gives a total of 31.2kW per day, 218.4kW per week or 11,356.8kW per year!

The new pump @ 0.63kW (still achieving the same flow rates) or 15.1kW per day, 105.7kW per week or 5,496.4kW per year saving 5860.4kW over the year!

Therefore, the annual saving (based on 14p per kW) would save the pool owner £820.46 per year!

For this reason, we rarely now fit standard pumps to swimming pools; as it really is a no brainer to get a variable speed installation installed for running cost savings! Please note also – new legislation in the industry is also coming into effect soon where we can no longer install the standard pumps with fixed speed set ups; due to the environmental policies and carbon footprint reduction requirements.

Details from VS Pump Manufacturers …

“Affordable variable speed technology comes to standard pools for energy cost savings of up to 80%. VS pumps slash energy costs by up to 80%, compared to conventional pool pumps. They come to you from the company that launched variable speed technology years ahead of every other pool pump manufacturer. With premium features like a 24-hour real-time clock and an intuitive interface that displays watts and RPMs, they're easy to program and operate. With the VS pump, you don't need to spend a fortune to enjoy big savings on your utility bill, it's affordable for new and standard pump replacement applications. No other company can match our proven, in-field performance and reliability, so you can count on years of long, dependable service. No wonder we outsell all other variable speed pumps.”

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