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Robotic Auto Pool Cleaners - A Pool Owner's Time Savour!

We know ourselves that manual vacuuming can sometimes be tedious (and a heavy workout on the arms!) and suction auto vacuums are OK, but do rely heavily on the pool filtration (especially if there is not a separate vacuum point on the swimming pool and requires it to be run from a pool skimmer) and they can easily get clogged up with leaves on outdoor pools.

So when we are asked what we recommend electric vac wise - we always hands down recommend the Zodiac Vortex 4 Wheel Drive Range!

These robotic cleaners are truly all-terrain: they adapt to all kinds of surfaces, perfectly grip the walls and get over obstacles more easily. They are fitted with cyclone suction, ensuring powerful, long-lasting pool cleaning. Thanks to their Lift System technology, they are also lighter when it comes to removing your cleaner from the pool.

There is also an "IQ" version which can connect to your Wi-Fi network and be controlled from your smartphone, and features a separate remote control which allows you to take control of how your pool is cleaned and makes daily life easier!

Here's a video - if you would like to see more, please get in touch and we can demo them before purchase to make sure you love them as much as we do before you buying one!

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