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New Safety Covers Installed

Here's some photographs of replacement safety covers we have installed in Light and Dark Grey colours recently! Don't they look great!

Safety covers can be installed onto new or existing swimming pools, to enable the pool owner to completely "LOCK" away the pool water for safety and peace of mind when it is not in use. The covers are manufactured from strong reinforced fabrics, which are led and held on aluminium rails embedded parallel with the sides of the pool.

Because the fabric is not stretched over, but laid onto the water line - the cover on the water can support the weight of several persons, should anyone accidentally fall onto it - a little like a water bed!

What’s more, the cover makes sure that the swimming pool is completely covered, so it helps the water keep its temperature to save on running costs, and it prevents dirt and leaves from entering the pool, helping to save on vacuuming time during pool maintenance.

Operated by a keyswitch too, the pool owner can take the keys away with them - so you can ensure no one has access to the pool whilst they are out! - A great way to keep those teenage pool parties in check!

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