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Don't just buy New! Let us overhaul your Filtration Pumps to save £££s!

We occasionally see pool owners just replace their pool/spa pumps straight away with a brand new at the first sound of noise or the first sight of a small leak. However, did you know that our engineers at Rockingham Pools can replace various parts on filtration pumps to get them going again.

We have the expertise to service almost every brand of pool filtration pump, replacing the following parts which often cause them to fail...

- Mechanical Seals (which keeps the water side of the pump away from the motor).

- Bearings (which often are the reason pumps go noisy - these are easily changed).

- Impellers & Diffusers (tiny pine needles occasionally block up these, as they get passed pump baskets).

- Capacitors on Single Phase Pumps.

- Checking Rotations on Three Phase Pumps.

- General Outer Casing, O-rings, Lids and Pump Baskets.

Pump repairs are carried out and then tested on our water test rig (as shown below). So before you just buy a brand new pump - contact us first as £££'s can be saved with our OVERHAUL Services!

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