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Reduce your Water & Carbon footprint and make your pool water sparkle!

Want to reduce your water footprint, save water, resources and help improve your water neutrality?

Did you know everytime you backwash a traditional sand or glass filter, you are sending approximately 1000-3000 litres of your heated pool water down the drain (That’s approx. the full volume of a small or large hot tub!) Not only will that water need to be replenished and reheated, your water company will also need to use the earth’s resources to treat that chemically dosed water.

Domestic pools only need a small amount of dilution (30ltrs per bather) as part of regular maintenance. So you don’t need to be wasting “Hot Tub” fulls of warm water everytime you backwash.

Element filters also filter water to a lower micron, meaning more microbes can be removed, and multi element filters need less frequent maintenance (i.e. due to not needing to backwash as regularly as sand filters).

In the USA, Element filters are mainly used on Swimming Pools for this reason, and in the south of Europe, there is currently a big shift from Sand Filters to Element filters to reduce carbon footprints, save water and help prevent hosepipe bans.

Please contact us regarding swapping out your sand filters for element filters, and other running cost savings available.


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